Subscription Services

Email delivery of the Market Commentary

The link to the Market Commentary documents in PDF format is emailed to all subscribers at the same time it is published and made available to be downloaded from the "MySubscription Dashboard" of GLOOMBOOMDOOM.COM. We understand that "real-time" email delivery is the expected standard for the Market Commentary subscription and we are fully committed to it.

In order to increase deliverability and reduce bouncebacks/spam filter blocking we use the advanced delivery infrastructure of "MailChimp".

"MailChimp" is a leading email newsletters distribution service and is being used by more than 5 million people including Fortune 500 companies. "MailChimp" stays current on industry and technology standards and it is registered with all the major ISPs (AOL, Hotmail, Comcast, Yahoo,, Cox, Earthlink, and more) to ensure our deliveries are not seen as junk or spam. We will have detailed delivery statistics and will be in a better position to investigate any "having not received monthly email" situations.

In order to follow best practices the reports will not be attached anymore. We will provide a secure link and you can download the report with one click from any device.

It is important to point out that we are paying for the "MailChimp" service and we are not disclosing/selling our subscriber email address information.

The monthly email will document your USER ID and the subscription expiry date.

"MySubscription Dashboard"

All subscribers can log in to the "MySubscription Dashboard" and download the current Market Commentary and all the past issues back to 2005.

In addition, the "MySubscription Dashboard" will provide subscription information (expiry date), renewal functionality (there is no auto-renew functionality/subscriptions will expire after 12 months if not actively renewed by the subscribers) and provide self-service functionality (lost/change password and email change) in line with the industry best practices that you are used to from the ecommerce leaders.


Social media

Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook in order to receive information about the publication/email sending of the the Monthly Market Commentary and media presence alerts about Marc Faber.

PayPal service integration

The PayPal payment service is fully integrated and the payment and renewal process will be as you are used to when doing business with the leading ecommerce services. Please see below regarding the handling of your credit card information.

Security, confidentiality, Credit Card information

Marc Faber is not selling or giving away any subscriber information.

Your subscription information is encrypted and stored in a security best practices infrastructure.

Marc Faber employs the third-party payment processing systems provided by PayPal because it represents one of the most respected, trustworthy online payment system available. The PayPal transaction systems automatically encrypt your confidential information and no credit card information is transferred to our infrastructure. We just receive the payment status and your email and address information.

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