Why it is not for free anymore?

After lengthy consideration we have decided to charge a fee for investors who wish to have access to the Monthly Market Commentary (MMC) which is posted on the gloomboomdoom.com website (subscribers only section) and emailed to all subscribers in PDF format around the 1st of each month.

US$ 300 annual subscription (12 issues)

The annual subscription of US$ 300 will help cover the cost of publishing the report, maintain and, in time, also improve the content of the website. Most of our readers enjoy like me a relatively privileged and affluent social and financial position in life while I am surrounded in the north of Thailand by a very large number of children whose parents simply cannot afford even small school fees.

As I have done in the past, I shall use part of the revenues from the website to continue to actively support the education of such unfortunate children. My private foundation, which supports orphans, refugee children (www.childsdream.org) and other children’s education in the North of Thailand, has now assets in excess of US$ 2 million. The assets of the foundation have increased because I regularly allocate part of the proceeds from subscriptions to the foundation and because we achieved favorable investment results.

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